Figure Monotypes

Instructor: Nomi Silverman
December 1, 2019 · Meets: Su · 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
Age: Adult Workshops (18+)

Take your figure drawing and painting to the next level in this unique workshop, which seamlessly combines printmaking with the figure. Working from a live model, students will draw onto plexi-glass sheets using oil-based ink and odorless solvent. Then, the students will be print onto 100% rag paper to create a one of a kind prints, or a monotype. This process is endlessly enjoyable, can be done with or without a press, and does not require any prior printmaking experience. Demonstrations and lectures will be given on applying the ink, various textures to achieve, printing the image, and combining the process with other media.

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Painting Printmaking

Fees: $175.00