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Silvermine Open Studios

Life Sketching Sessions

These sessions provide an opportunity to work in a studio environment from a live model in the artist's preferred medium. No prior registration is required. Sessions meet year round except on national holidays. This is not an instructional course. Silvermine students enrolled in the current term pay $10 per session. Senior Citizens pay half the prices listed below.

  • Howard Pabst Memorial Sketch
    Poses are short and athletic
    Monitor: Mark Hannon, Peter Millward & Tracey Dinkin
    Monday · 6:30pm – 9:30pm · $20

  • Daytime Sketch
    Poses are longer and changing
    Monitor: Tom Tuttle
    Wednesday · 1:15pm – 4:15pm · $20

  • Leo Lances Memorial Sketch
    The model presents one pose for the entire session. The first Friday of each month is usually clothed.
    Monitor: Christy Gallagher
    Friday · 10am – 3:30pm · $30

Ceramic Open Studio

Fees For Clay

25 lb. bag Brown Stoneware Clay $12
25 lb. bag Porcelain $19
25 lb. bag White Stoneware Clay $11

Students can purchase a tool kit for $18 at the first class. All ceramic work fired in the school kilns are subject to a firing fee of 4 cents per cubic inch. Firing fees MUST be paid at the end of the semester. Credit cards will be taken upon registration to pay for all firing fees.

Silvermine Open Studios

The Open Studio gives current term students enrolled in an instructional ceramic course at Silvermine an opportunity to work on their own projects and improve skills. Each student currently registered receives 3 hours of open ceramic studio time for each week of the current semester. At the first class, students will receive a card to be punched by the monitor at each Open Studio session. Students must have their card to attend. This is not an instructional class.

Students enrolled in a CURRENT term are entitled to 3 hours of open ceramic studio time for each week of the current semester:

Monday 9:30am – 12:30pm
Monday 7pm – 10pm
Wednesday 1pm – 4pm
Wednesday 7pm – 10pm
Thursday 1pm – 4pm
Friday 1pm – 4pm
Saturday 1pm – 4pm