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Susan Manspeizer

Phoenix, 2013, Bent wood, paint, 34" x 36" x 17", $8,000
Drawing 3, 2013, Paint, pastel, 30" x 22", $1,500
Drawing 6, 2013, Paint, pastel, 30" x 22", $1,500
Paper Sculpture 1, 2013, Paper, paint, 30" x 14" x 4", $2,000
Couple, 2012, Bent wood, paint, 24" x 21" x 18", $6,000
Family, 2012, Bent wood, paint, 31" x 36" x 10", $7,000
Hidden Agenda, 2012, Bent wood, paint, 19" x 7" x 10", $7,000
Sunshine, 2012, Bent wood, paint, 17" x 18" x 22", $5,000
Expressive Red, 2011, Bent wood, 34" x 20" x 9", $5,000
Imperfect Beauty, 2011, Bent wood, 41" x 20" x 10", $5,000
Red Energy, 2011, Crayon on paper, 30" x 22", $1,500
The Living Shell, 2011, Bent wood, oil crayon, 38" x 25" x 15", $8,000
Woman, 2011, Charcoal, 30" x 22", $1,500

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Artist Statement

As a mature woman, I have taken the concept of the shell, as a metaphor for the human emotions of life, at a stage when one's vitality has diminished. Shells have presented the questions to me as what was living inside of them and what was the shells primary function? After all, a shell is the remainder and reminder of an organism that had life, within. Women who once brought forth life, nurtured and sustained new beings, themselves, go through personal stages in their own life cycle. I look at the shell as a concept of a new beginning as I transform it into another life. Shells are particularly meaningful, and are not to be disregarded. Why would we collect them if not for their history and inherent beauty?

When I approach my art, I see the shell concept as having a new purpose unto itself. I am not trying to replicate an existing shell, but my thinking about them is what stimulates my imagination. I strive to make sensitive and sensual organic shapes that explore concave and convex forms. In addition, I apply my linear sensibilities, using paint, graphite or oil crayon, creating a patina through numerous layers. I like to think that my forms were lying at the shore absorbing the water and the sun, therefore taking on colors that are radiant and soft.

All my work is made of wood. This material by nature was once living and had a former purpose. I have transformed the material into a new meaning continuing the life cycle of living things.

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