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Martha Schwerdtle

Passages, Alabaster , 11" x 10" x 5", $3,000
Bliss, Alabaster , 16" x 10" x 11", $3,500
Fighting Conch Fragment, Charcoal on tinted paper, 11" x 14", $400
Moon's Cradle, Limestone, 16.5" x 26.5" x 8", $4,500
Prana, Alabaster , 18" x 10.5" x 5.5", $3,500
Symbiosis, African wonderstone, 16" x 16" x 8", $5,000
Venus, Aerated concrete, 25.5" x 10" x 10", $2,500

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Artist Statement
Art is a process of discovery for me. Through drawing and sculpting, I explore the infinite variety of forms in nature. As I begin a sculpture and rough layers of stone are chiseled away, the image begins to appear. The emerging forms become vehicles of self-expression and my initial concept becomes refined.

Contradictions intrigue me. Hard, heavy stone can become soft and buoyant. Solid mass pushed to the limit is fragile and fluid. Density can yield to translucence. And, in the final stages, smooth, polished surfaces against rough, chiseled planes add depth and textural richness.

In addition to sculpting, I enjoy drawing. The process is more flexible; rather than stone being chipped away, marks are built up and can be removed or altered. Drawing opens a door to a world of imagery free from the limitations of carving. Environments can be created, and subjects too delicate or massive to be sculpted can be drawn. Using light and shadow to describe form and translating three dimensions into two offer another perspective and experience of art.

The unseen forces that shape our existence are often a source of inspiration for my artwork. The life force in all living things, the power of emotions, the influence of dreams, the attraction between the sexes, and energy in its many forms from microscopic to cosmic are some of the mysteries that transcend understanding and capture my imagination.

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