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Kathy Conway

To Market We Go, 2012, Photography, 16" x 16", $800
Boy and Friend, 2013, Photography, 16" x 16", $600
Connected, 2013, Photography, 10" x 14", $700
Do You See What I See?, 2013, Photography, 10" x 14", $700
Nindingdzonka, Tibet, 2013, Photography, 18" x 24", $700
Street Chef 2, 2013, Photography, 20" x 20", $800
Bread Line, 2012, Photography, 10" x 14", $700
Silence of New Snow, 2012, Photography, 24" x 30", $1,400
Sunday Brunch, 2012, Photography, 10" x 14", $700
The Reader, 2010, Photography, 20" x 24", $800
The Waiting, Photograph, 21" X 25", $495

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Artist Statement

Simplicity yet Complexity. I am drawn to black and white images because it strips away color, simplifying forms and shapes, highlighting textures and enhancing contrasts. And therein lies the complexity of seeing our world in my unique way. I have been strongly influenced by such 20th century painters as Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth in their use of color and light and shadow to create mood; and photographers such as Frederic Whitman Glasier, Walker Evans and Brett Weston in their mastery of timeless quality and graphic look of black and white images.

Many of my images have occurred at unexpected times in unexpected places. I think some of my best are the plainest ones in which I have tried to convery the beauty and dignity of diverse people and their extraordinary resilience, the timeless spaces where we retreat, the vastness of the dessert, the silence of new snow, the past and the present, the sense of peace in life's clutter and extraordinary of the most ordinary places - my vision of a fraction of a second in time.

In my series of street scenes, I look for abstractions and reflections, a piece of the whole. If the scene includes a person, i strive not to simply record their image but to capture the feeling of the moment and convey a story or a memory that resonates beyond the moment. In the textural ruins of old buildings, I see not only the history of lives and events but the possibilities of reconstruction rather the decay.

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