Focus on Abstraction - Drawing & Painting
Supply List

Focus on Abstraction_ Drawing and Painting

Alyse Rosner

This class is designed to be flexible and you are encouraged to work in the medium and format you prefer.

Select supplies that are appropriate to your work and feel free to bring additional drawing or painting tools.


Please bring one completed piece of recent artwork (under 30 inches) and 3-5 prepared surfaces - board, canvas or primed paper on a board in the 9x12 or 12x12 inch range.

Assorted paints

Assorted brushes

Assorted drawing materials (compressed charcoal, graphite sticks, pencils, ink etc- whatever you prefer)

Palette knife for mixing

Disposable or glass palette or jars (depending on how you work)


Water jar for water media

Jar with lid for turp if you use it

Rags and/or paper towels