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Gail Lee

January, Mixed media, 16" x 20", $1,000
Code, 2013, Monotype with collage, 8" x 8", $500
Dory, 2013, Monotype with collage, 8" x 8", $500
Lagoon, 2013, Monotype, 12" x 12", $600
Dreaming, 2012, Digital Composition, 8" x 10", $500
Remanets, Monotype with collage, 18" X 24", $1,000
St. Augustine, Mixed media, 16" x 20", $1,000
Wired, Mixed media, 18" x 24", $1,200

Download CV [64K PDF]

Artist Statement

My work combines my experience in graphic design, photography, printmaking, painting and, most recently, digital composition.

The goal is to get my “thinking self” out of the way and let creativity flow freely. When this is successful, the pieces are visually exciting, often exceeding my expectations.

It is an exciting time in the art world, and I’m grateful to be a part of the ongoing process.

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